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4D Mobile & Wakanda Front-end Support Plan

4D Mobile & Wakanda Front-end Support Plan

4D Mobile & Wakanda Front-end Support Plan is available to all developers, regardless of the type of license – community, business, or otherwise. The three levels of support below have been designed to give you the amount and availability of support you require for your projects. If you anticipate needing more assistance, additional support packs are available for Advanced and Expert levels.

  Standard Advanced Expert
Supported tools (per developer)
Studio checked checked checked
AngularJS toolkit checked checked checked
4D Mobile & Wakanda Front-end - Support & Consultation plan - Customer Support
Contact(s) per organization 1 1 1 2
Code bases/ Supported project(s) 1 2 5
Tickets per year (general issues) 15 hours 30 hours 80 hours
Critical tickets per year (critical, project) 2 2 5 10
Email Support checked checked checked
Phone/Skype Support (by appointment
10 hours 20 hours 60 hours
Response time / SLA
Maximum Response time (standard, not- 1 BW 1 BD 1 BD
Critical Response Time (CRT) 4 hours 2 hours 1 hours
9:30 AM - 6:30 PM (Paris time) - Business week checked checked checked
Consultation hours - Expert Support
Consultation Hours (per year) 2 hours 4 hours 16 hours
Community knowledge
Community forum checked checked checked
Other resources
Library: Documentation & best practices checked checked checked
Price EUR 2'000/year EUR 4'000/year EUR 10'000/year 
Choose a subscription Standard

1 Critical ticket means a ticket that will be treated as a matter of priority by Wakanda’s team; being understood that critical nature of such ticket shall be dertermined by customer.
BD: Business Day; BW: Business Week

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